Friday, March 04, 2005

Kaos Pilots 10 year anniversary!

The KaosPilots are my spiritual family. I have been thinking like this my whole life. They have been doing this for 10 years. So i want to tip my hat in their general direction. Bravo!

post from VOX POP on their site. one student's answer to questions addressed to them all

Katrin Rumenapp, 3rd year student, German, Team 8

1) What were you doing just before you started studying at the KaosPilots? I started connecting Danish words and wrote a thesis about public relations.

2) What's the most challenging and intense learning experience you've had during your education so far? Writing a book together with 50 students.

3) What and who do you want to work with after graduation? The organization of cultural adventures.

4) In what areas can other schools be inspired by the KaosPilots? Creative learning: how to think differently and implement it in all kinds of contexts.

5) What's the most inspiring thing happening in Europe right now? Glasgow clubbing, real art fairs and a graveyard with a city view.

6) If you were to give President Bush three pieces of good - and serious - advice, what would they be? Take time out.Enjoy a vacation and Stop wearing the same crocodile-leather shoes as Saddam (they both use the same Italian shoe designer :-)).