Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Free 3D interface to the planet. Google Earth now available!

Following my last post, i am overexcited to inform you that Google Earth is available for public release and is a free download.

Here is a screenshot of the world with my first search. Amsterdam has pretty lousy satellite coverage at this point. What i loved about using the interface was how you could move from looking straight down to viewing the earth from an angle.

My advice is you have a broadband connection is to go out and install this straight away. I feel as if i am one step closer to God. This is a big step forward for ordinary people. Why? Putting the military folks in check as they were the only ones with eyes on the world and their interpretation is pretty one-sided. Giving some new views on possible environmental sitautions in different places around the world. Creating a sense of shared space. This tool helps us scale between our traditional nation-state focus to a more global perspective. Google and Keyhole team, chapeaux.