Monday, March 07, 2005

Jeff Bezos at Web 2.0 on "What are the unique assets you have that others can enjoy?".

Just listened to Jeff Bezos discuss his ideas on what Web 2.0 means. He tells us that if Web 1.0 was making the user interface of the Internet better for humans than Web 2.0 is making the Internet useful for computers. Amazon's webservices don't show up on the Amazon site at all. 65,000 registered developers are using Amazon web services. It was started 2 years ago. Use of their APIs gives developers access to every piece of content in the catalogue of, customer reviews, product images, sales rank, product attributes. They don't charge for this use, they have a business model that allows them to pay developers for their use. See some experiments:,
Further he discusses: A9, Search-Inside-The-Book, One-Click, multiple category search, the need to find business models for these services.