Friday, August 26, 2005

America Pie

First of all, I am realizing that I have been posting at an almost snail's pace for the last 4 months. Reason. Well there are two reasons, one is being too occupied with work and the other is having a tough time on realizing what to do with my writing. Is this a category blog, or an identity blog or both? This has been the largest bone of contention. So now i'll let myself do both and see where things lead.

I am in Daytona, Florida, helping out a friend with his business. He lives on the beach on a highrise, so from the 12th Floor, i'm only a elevator ride and hop/skip and jump from walking on the beach which is amazing! At the same time, working with Americans here could not be further mode away from the way goes back in Amsterdam, Holland. Suffice to say that the CEO of the company who i have close contact with here, is a big motivator and Jack Welch type leader slowly moving towards the frontier of new business practises, (probably kicking and screaming). What is interesting is the way the company is not so bothered here about making mistakes. If some marketing material here does not look perfect, it is used everywhere and to the max anyway. In Europe, due to safety concerns, businesses wait for perfection before pushing off from the side of the swimmming pool. Of course, this depends on the size of the company involved. People work far harder here in the US. And it is more performance oreintated. Fortunately i work with some Americans back in Amsterdam too. Unfortunately we have to operate within a culture that is "safety fixated". Try trying to run(or even walk) in treacle!

I feel schizophrenic about returning to Europe. Reality check is that i don't have green card so will have to deal with it! The best thing about what has happened in my life in the last year has been to meet up with like minds. This time last year, I was so frustrated with my life. So many great ideas, noone to share them with(and nonone who would understand their potential to solve real problems). Now, the thought of returning is to meet with new friends and connections who more or less seem to be on the same path. What a difference! Plus my lady arrives tommorrow:)