Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Collective intelligence 2.0

Nova Spinack,calls us to arms on improving the 'global supermind'.

I really liked the depth of his post and here are a few overlapping thoughts. We have already got a lot of the basic building blocks in place and there's plenty of bandwidth and exchange. What we need next is to crawl up the abstraction level and build more and better logic systems. We can then recontextualize our collective histories, reflecting through more sophisticated filters and argument frames. There is a need for new tools we need in this area. Perhaps a morals and perspectives toolkit to be added to blog post and identities that track history, are updateable and flexible. We need to be able to track our own questions and "directions" on a personal level and see how those reflect in the collective at multiple scales.

Go check his post here:
"I have often thought that the Web is growing into the nervous system of our species. This will in turn enable the human species to function increasingly as an intelligent superorganism, for example, like a beehive, or an ant colony. As the planetary supermind becomes more aware of its environment, its own state, and its own actions and plans, it will naturally evolve higher levels of collective intelligence. This evolutionary leap is of unimaginable importance to the future of our species."

Oh and Nova if this post somehow tracksbacks to your(still can't work trackback...) i can bring design skills, and tools to table(developed concepts, interface designs)