Monday, September 26, 2005

China tries to keep control

New York Times article today on China going a step further in its censorship of the internet.

"The rules .. state that private individuals or groups must register as "news organizations" before they can operate e-mail distribution lists that spread news or commentary. Few individuals or private organizations are likely to be allowed to register as news organizations, meaning they can no longer legally distribute information by e-mail....
.....The foremost responsibility of news sites on the Internet is to serve the people, serve socialism, guide public opinion in the right direction, and uphold the interests of the country and the public good, the regulations state."

Digital media is easy to hack and with 1.3 billion people, it only takes a few smart individuals to get round these censors. Still it won't be easy. How many more decades will China take before the Communist party crumbles or radically transforms. China is a mysterious country to watch. I fear the government of China as much as I welcome its people. It was humiiated so much in the 20th Century, which reminds me of Germany before WW1 and 2. Chip on its shoulder? Definately. How it wants to repay the world? Not sure.