Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My first (kind-of) award

I was kind of taken aback when i received an email from a personal friend and collaborator, that we had been listed in Time magazines 50 coolest sites for our Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration! We had done this with our micro-site for kids. The content uses stop-frame animation in a clever way. My role was some animation work and coding the whole thing together in Flash. Alma/blank tweaked the coding in LA for site optimization.

Here's the blurb:
"Time.com has selected the Yu-Gi-Oh! GXGroove Room as one of its Top 50 Coolest Sites for 2006 placing it alongside the likes of YouTube, Meebo, Pandora and MySpace among others. You can click on the link here for the full story (see excerpt below link):


Yu-Gi-Oh Groove
Here's one for the kids: a site that features characters from the popular anime world of Yu-Gi-Oh, doing something they don't ordinarily do: dance. It's silly and fun — you mix and match the music and moves. Developer Timothy Harris photographed the actual toys in various poses to create the stop-motion animations. Best feature: though sponsored by Mattel, there's not an ad or corporate logo in sight.

You'll find Yu-Gi-Oh! Groove Room in the Time Wasters section....a fun feature for kids and potential guilty pleasure for adults!!"

Most of all I'm happy for Tim. I coded in Amsterdam, while Tim designed in LA. He visited Amsterdam once, mainly because he was moving the rest of his stuff out of the city. He did some animation work here. We used Skype (voice and file transfer) to stay in touch. He came up with the total concept and did all the graphic design and stop frame animation work.

We had a big laugh messing around with Yu-Gi-Oh robot parts. This included Tim buying material for the backdrop for his Robot disco. I'm curious how the kids actually responded. Before this project i had vaguely heard of Mattel.