Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Digital Lifestyle Aggregators

posted on BM site....
"DLAs are the next generation portal. Yahoo and AOL did such a great job at defining portals, that their domination virtually destroyed all innovation in the sector. For a decade, companies have simply copied the AOL or Yahoo model, by mimicking their plain HTML front-end and aggregated content approach. DLAs pick up where portals left off, and take it up a level to “Web 2.0.”
Everyone’s going to do it: media companies, consumer electronics makers, portals, ISPs, wireless services… Can you really afford to miss out?

The DLA bandwagon is unstoppable because the power of DLAs comes from combining these five essentials: social networking, personal publishing, communications, media and device management, and mobility. We’ve enjoyed each of these for ages but, until now, no-one has combined them all into a DLA powerhouse.

DLAs give our clients the means to provide differentiated services, content, and capabilities because with the right architecture, Digital Lifestyle Aggregators become a revenue machine for our clients, serving their increasingly happy customers, all the while reducing costs.

See how each of these fundamental capabilities is essential… and learn why DLAs are greater than the sum of these parts." .....end of post from site

The open-standards on their site pointed in interesting new directions. I share a future vision of the Internet where the consumer/citizen/god-head is in control of their own data (more or less). I would love to integrate FOAF with a beautiful customizable animated identity symbol for myself. Not sure exactly where they are with their open dialogue standards. You can see where i am headed if you just read the tagline to this blog:))