Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spending money on the right things

Been reading Marianne Williamson's "The Gift of Change". Had to quote some parts of what she says as it resonated so deeply.

I was once interviewed on a TV talk show, and the interviewer introduced me by making some snide comment about how I was a pacifist and thought there should be no army. I looked at him, stunned, and asked him where in the world he got that idea. "Well, I just assumed it!: he said." You think love is the answer to everything, so I figured you think a military would be a bad thing!".....To go from "She thinks love is the answer" to "She thinks we shouldn't have a military" is to trivialize the most profound philosophical and spiritual truth ever expressed on earth....There are some people at work within the U.S. military today who have more enlightened thoughts regarding the future possibilities for [the U.S] armed forces than one might think.
Perhaps the military will manifest, in our lifetime, the ultimate fulfillment of the notion of "armed forces." They will be armed with psychological, spiritual and emotional skills at building social and political relationships, as much as they are now armed with military hardware.
On the level of a true solution, love is the answer no matter what the category of human experience. According to Ghandi, love can heal all social and political as well as personal relationships. We've only scratched the surface of love's power and when we dig deeply, we will find it to be more explosive than a nuclear bomb. We need an integrative approach to world affairs in which the emotional, psychological and spiritual realms are given their place at the table of power.

I'm a little more sceptical about the US military, at this exact point in time, under this administration, than she is, but won't deny there is always present the possibility for what she describes. I wholeheartedly believe we need to invest massively in psychological, spiritual and emotional tools, processes and research to help people emerge out of their patterns and as she puts it " ..move the world from an unhappy dream to a happy dream before we can awaken from it". Also investing massively to me does not only mean economic spending.