Thursday, August 17, 2006

Revisiting the theatrical

It was a pleasure to discover a play that uses digital techniques taken to the next level. Actors are still present off-screen, although they cross-over into the screen and have all sorts of data superimposed over themselves. I love seeing relationship maps vizualized alongside real-time/skin-touching emotions. Supervision created by the cross-over talent of The Builder's Association and dbox.

"SUPER VISION tells three stories drawn from the datasphere:
1. As he crosses successive borders, a solitary traveler gradually is forced to reveal all of his personal information, until his identity becomes transparent, with no part of his life left outside the bounds of dataveillance.

2. A young woman, addicted to the white noise of constant connection, maintains a long-distance relationship with her Grandmother. As she makes efforts to digitally archive her Grandmother's past, the grandmother slips into senility. The young woman is left to discover what remains of her Grandmother's life and her own outside the realm of data.

3. A father covertly exploits his young son's personal data to meet the demands of the family's lifestyle. This ploy escalates beyond the father's control, until he is compelled to disappear. His wife and son are left with a starkly diminished data portrait, and his escape is shadowed by the long reach of the datasphere."

This kind of brings two parts of me together, the performing side (in real time) and the weird tech-enhanced world. Builderassociation, pretty please, come and perform Supervision in Amsterdam. We have got plenty of screens here for you too.