Sunday, July 03, 2005

Opening up government. P2P legislation.

John Bell of Digital Influence passed on some interesting signals. Open sourcing government(link) in the United States.

Art Kleiner writes,
"What if we had "open-source legislation in all states and in the federal government, where bills in progress are posted on the Web and anyone can mark them up?"". John Bell says that acknowledging and profiling the role of organizations in American politics will create transparency and show their real influence in government. Interesting movement and i will be tracking it.

Michel Bouwens over at the Peer to Peer Foundation which releases a weekly newsletter and where you can read his seminal paper,"Peer to Peer and Human Evolution" here, places this in a bigger perpective. Peer 2 Peer is rapidly asserting itself as an alternative paradigm. It's fascinating to see peer to peer, commons-based approaches often being wholly independent of technology(video from creative capital conference 2005). Charles Leadbeater discusses how people are finding new ways to organize themselves which is deeply connected to creativity and sharing.