Monday, December 25, 2006

Got tagged

Chain letters are not my thing usually either, but as it's the end of the year and coming from friends i thought might as well join the party. Not sure who i could pass this onto as most those people already got tagged!

1. I used to play a lot of fantasy games, dungeons and dragons-like stuff, runequest and games through the mail. Once i went for an IRL(in real life) fantasy experience in some hollowed out limestone caves in the south of England where groups of adventurers would dress up and go on dungeoning adventures inside the caves. I sat for 15 minutes inside a coffin, awaiting one such unlucky group of adventurers. I was an annoying unkillable vampire, dealing quad-damage per hit in a weird mirrored room, me being behind on of the teleportation mirrors. The poor adventurers could choose between getting ripped apart by my vampiric powers or bludgeoned by a group of undead orcs in another room. Fun.
2. When i was 16 i got into a 1950s dinner jacket, shawadeewaddy kind of look, although the jackets were always black(not light blue).
3. I was once banned from an airline because when i was a teenager and had to travel alone to meet my separating parents, children at that time needed to travel with an escort. This was usually a stewardess. I guess it was the teenage hormones/ rebelliousness coming through. I must have been a real pain in the ass to these ladies to get banned. (rescinded now i'm a little more mature)
4. I miss cooking in a theatrical context. My life has gone too digital. The balance needs to be re-dressed. Hoping to throw some events in 2007 to bring the physical back into my life. Here's a new year's resolution built into a tagged admission.

Happy New Year all,
2006 was amazing on a personal level although a disaster from a global political perspective. Here's to 2007.