Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In the Big Apple

Last post was entitled American Pie, so i thought i might as well stay with that theme. I just pulled into Manhatten after a wonderful time in Rockland County with my brother and his lady Kathy and their menagerie of pets. They have a new puppy called Twiler who i keep calling Tyler. The Aerosmith mismatch was enjoyed although not something that was going to stick. He's named after an Indian Elder of the same name and part abbreviation for twilight. Half Boxer/Half Labrador. (see puppy here)

I love being in Manhatten. The energy, nervousness, the diversity. I adore this city as a tourist. Never lived here, but am sure i would fit right in. Can't help but compare it to the dreamy, small, provincial town i live in/have lived in for last 13 years called Amsterdam. Gerry, whose place i am staying in tells me he would love to be joining me on the plane back to Holland. He's been here for 20 years.

Ready for a big change in roles from day to day designing which i am beginnning to tire of more and more, especially when it is only selling shit! often in bullshitty ways (depends what and how) ---
to - designing social software tools that can really support people through to building and testing/refining.
- cross-disciplinary creative team building to share knowledge and solve problems across domains. (like a job with more time communicating with people/less time behind computer trying to understand programming...Better as an evangelist, bridge builder and intuit than coder/production artist).

Together with so many of you out there, i have been writing, thinking, designing and collaborating over the last year to get to this place. Reality still dictates more work of the traditional sort for a while. It's gonna be a wonderful day (if not wishful) day should i get into that place where i get back more energy from what i am doing then expending because it stimulates and does not rob you of energy.

So this is a bit of a prayer post.