Monday, September 11, 2006

Roomware Workshop, you are invited!

We had a great discussion on the idea of RoomWare a few geek dinners ago and it was repeated in a further dinner, so we now decided we would host an event based on the theme of RoomWare.

"At RoomWareDevHouse we intend to investigate possible applications, host discussion and do some hacking while enjoying a tasty beverage. The event is free and anyone interested can attend as long as you intend to participate.

Loosely styled after SuperHappyDevHouse we hope to talk about and even build some of the applications that we will display at a later RoomWare event. Furthermore we intend to start development on an open source RoomWare platform that anyone can build on to provide RoomWare applications at their own event or location.."

Sign up on the wiki to join.

"Roomware are software applications running in a defined space. The people in a RoomWare enabled space can use the services running on a local server through their mobile phone (Bluetooth), laptop (Wifi) or other means (RFID). Possible services range from live interaction with the music or video screens to introducing parts of an online profile into the local space."

(from the Roomwareproject site)