Friday, May 05, 2006

Global Human Referendum's voting machine test approaches

I came across the GLOBAL HUMAN REFERENDUM group and their site WorldVoteNow via the social software weblog. They want to set up a global direct democracy voting infrastructure. Initial test is to take place May 15. I will take part and see what they have to say and how they are doing this. What is so surprising is the depth of attention and how many hours of work that appear to have been sunk into this project. There are numerous downloads (.pdf) sprinkled over their site.
To put this global voting initiative in context. Yes, we are in a process, quite a rapid one, which is reconfiguring politics, power and communication channels. Building any global system that lets people vote on important issues, INDEPENDENTLY of nation states is a step in the right direction to bringing a more embedded global culture that addresses issues from a global perspective and connects directly with people. Is that what they are attempting to reach? I don't have the time now as i write this post to dig into their material but will do so soon.
From what i can see from this brief encounter of their site, there are no discussion functionalities proposed in their voting equipment. Anyway i will report back in the post, after the voting.

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