Friday, March 16, 2007

Human Beatbox is living large in China

Funky fresh. I used to human beatbox...back in the even thought at one moment while i was making and producing music to do an album with all the beats done with my mouth over a concept album with "a day in life of" format. Well this was something i picked up from the Shanghaist

"So a certain Liu Feng, a multi-talented video editor from Beijing working at W+K Shanghai, traveled up to northern China over CNY to discover the secret behind a popular web video featuring a Chinese beat-boxing virtuoso.

What he found is hinted at in the trailer above. Yanji, a city of just over 400,000 people located near the border to North Korea, is a virtual breeding ground for fledgling Chinese beat-boxers. Taking elements from popular Korean, Chinese and American culture, Yanji's b-boys and b-girls are carving out a style all their own."