Thursday, August 10, 2006

PussyCatLounge04/SoftwareSocial at Katie and Paul's

Softwaresocial/PCL 05 guests

What Tijs and I started 5 months ago has now become a steady, monthly event. We were looking for a way to bring interesting people of all persuasions together for a dinner once a month in Amsterdam. It was meant to primarily support freelancers with a focus on software and startups, thus by default throwing us into the category of geek dinner.
Katie wanted to do something similar too, so we teamed up at her place for a larger bbq. Thanks go to Hugh Macleod, Sam Brown and the Stormhoek team for sending us such a generous wine contribution. For those of you that don't know about Stormhoek, let me just say that as Kristal is to hip-hop, Stormhoek is to geek. It's a South African wine producer reaching out to consumers rather than wasting lots of advertising dollar on large billboards. Well, maybe billboards are not redundant, it's just which delivers more leverage for the cost. At our recent bbq we were happy to have Robert from Blue Ace, Peter from Instant Interfaces, people from Hives, katie and Paul of TreasureMyText and more. We are hooking up with Blue Ace to do some bigger events in the future (to be defined). This will lead us to producing 3 different kinds of events.
1. A small 6-8 person invite only dinner
2. A larger 15-25 person event
3. Largest type, 50-??? .

We are also adding more structure to events to balance: focused discussion time on interesting subject matter Vs Mindless hanging out blather, joking around, networking while eating and drinking great stuff.

Oh and i should lastly plug the p2pfoundation where i have been working with Michel,Brice, Remi, Jeff, while recently with - Sam Rose and Adrian Chan for the last 8 months..Listen to the podcast on what this work is about as its important theoretical stuff - like Lessig, Benkler.